Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 10 - I DID IT! I DID IT!

I made a completely digital page! It is only using a Quick Page,
which means all the decorations are on the page and I just had
to add the picture and the text but I'm taking baby steps here.

Check it out...
Yep, that is the Punkin & the Buddy at 1.5 months old in the same
bouncy seat having a bottle on Daddy's midnight feeding shift... in 2000.
So hard to believe they just turned 9 two weeks ago!

The layout is by Donna Rafferty and is called Pretty Pink. I got it as a
freebie from her blog. Click here to go there. (Scroll down to the
September 18th post.) I found the poem 'Two'
on a copyright/free page on baby poems, here.

It makes me happy to have actually completed adding a photo
to a digital layout. I knew it wasn't all that complicated but for
some reason I was all thumbs. Now that I have done it I am sure
I will be making digi-scrapped layouts more often (most
especially on trips and times when I am away from my studio.)

I'm going to add the date of the photo and a bit of Motherly
journaling to this page and add it to my albums. (Yep, I
printed this bad boy out on real paper!)

Well, it's been a long day of building Raingutter Regatta
boats for a Cub Scout event tomorrow, sewing patches on
uniform shirts (for the same event due to out growing the
first shirt IN 2 MONTHS! Because it fit perfectly in August!),
visiting Rockport SeaFaire, and we just got home from a
friend's family-style Baby Shower (Super Fun!). So, we're
all exhausted and heading to bed.

See you tomorrow! I'll have pictures of the completed
boats to share!

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