Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm LOADin' again!!

Yep, this month is the latest in the LOAD challenge and I have been
creating and uploading my layouts on time every day. I did have a
rough start on the first day because of a hic-up between Flickr and
Google but once that was straightened out everything posted as it should
and has gone smoothly ever since.

Here are the layouts I have done since October 1st...

Day 1:
this was a pre-created single page layout that was printed by the
Epson Rep at the 2007 Creative Escape and given to all of the
attendees. The photo was taken of everyone as they signed in and
headed into the make & take section. The line through the m&t
section was several hours long and the photo was another item
given to the attendees (to add to the layout). I found the layout
in a box of other stuff and the photo was with it still in the blue
envelope the Epson Rep had handed it to me in. So glad to
get something from that trip scrapped!

Day 2:
is half of a Scrap Jammies page kit that I had planned to give
away or sell. Just as I was heading to the 'away box' with it
I saw these two photos sitting next to my computer. They
had fallen out of some of the twins last year school work
and I had just stacked them next to the keyboard. Well,
they worked on this layout. I am going to hunt down the
rest of the pictures and finish the other side of the layout
so that there are 2 pages for this.

Day 3:
this is a photo of a Japanese Maple tree on the street where
we lived in North Carolina when I was very young. Back in
2008, Mom and I had a chance to visit the area/ street
where we had lived before we attended the first Inspired
Event. This tree was so striking in it's Spring colors that I
had to stop and take the photo. I think Mom got a bunch
of pictures of it too. We did a lot of that. I tried to keep
everything around the photo pretty muted but not too bland
so that tree would pop.

Day 4:
this is a photo Mom took (my picture was too blurry to use)
of a poor robin that we saw hopping and walking through
all of the landscaping as we walked around in Charlotte
taking flower pictures. He finally stopped long enough for
us both to try to take his picture. He sure didn't look happy
though. In fact, we called him Mad Robin (after the Mad
Blue Jay photo) because he didn't act like he could fly and
he was angry about having to walk everywhere. It was funny
at the time but now? The explanation seems kind of
silly. Still, he was pretty neat to watch.

Well, there you have it, so far. I used up all the photos
from my 'Fall Inspiration' stand (I've had the last two
huge photos hanging from my antique chip hanger/stand
for quite a few weeks and now they are on layouts.) so
I guess I will have to search for some replacements. Now
that the craft show I was prepping for is over that
shouldn't be a problem!

See you tomorrow!

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