Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Would LOVE to win this...

from Here. And Here. Samsung and TwitterMoms
are giving away this refrigerator to someone and
it would be really nice if it was to us! They want to know our
top 3 tips for getting dinner ready in a flash and so here goes...

1) Plan menus ahead of time. I usually spend a little time on
Sunday afternoons with my calendar for the next week and my
pantry/freezer/refrigerator lists. I can usually come up with
an easy to follow menu plan and have some easily made (or
pre-made) meals for each night. Plus, I know what I need
to pick up during my next trip to the grocery store.

2) When I make meals (like Chicken Curry or Pasta) I always
make more than we need for one meal. Then, before serving
it I put away half for the next time we need it. If I don't do that
then, there won't be any extra left...at least not in this house.
Leftovers are not a usual occurance here. I refrigerate or
freeze the extra depending on when we will be eating it again.

3) The easiest thing I do to make dinner in a flash? Fill the
Crock Pot just before I go to bed. Refrigerate the crock and then
put it in the heating element when I get up in the morning (right
after I make coffee.) so it cooks all day. Then dinner is just a tossed
salad and french bread loaf away.

I have lots of other ideas for making dinner in a flash but I'll stick
with the top 3 for now...

Besides, it's kind of difficult to type with your fingers crossed.
Thanks Samsung & TwitterMoms, for the opportunity!!


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