Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 29 - Hangin' Out in the Pumpkin Patch...

I took these photos last year at a pumpkin patch near
Wimberley during our 'Get Out of Town Weekend' in the
Hill Country. Buddy posed as a Scarecrow while Punkin
chose a pumpkin. They laughed so hard at this photo
that I was tempted to title it LAUGH -and I might still
do that if I can ever find the letter stickers I plan to
use on it.

Now, this is a photo I took last night as I was cleaning
up from our impromptu
'Fancy Dancy Fou Fou Chocolate Fondue Dessert'

Buddy was 'helping' to clean up the mess! We don't
call him SugarMan for nothing! (Oh- he had the
'Yep! Go for it!' from Daddy to do this!-Figures!)

Of course, now he is convinced that is the BEST way to
enjoy chocolate fondue! Well-he may be on to something
there but he won't be repeating this stunt anytime soon.: )

Only 2 more days of LOAD!
See you tomorrow!

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