Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 27 - Neighboring Beauty

I took a couple of these photos of a tree just a couple
of blocks away this past Spring and a couple of them
today. I was making up the grid and realized I didn't
have enough photos to fill it the way I wanted to. I also
needed a sample for my landscape class tonight and, after
asking permission last week, Daddy & I stopped and snipped
the leaf and seedpod this afternoon.

The County Extension Agents think it is a Red Royal Poinciana
but they're not 100% positive. I think the foot long seedpod
really threw them and they are looking it up in the plant books
and will let me know for sure next Tuesday night.

Of course, I couldn't let the photo grid go to waste so I used
it for my LOAD challenge layout today. The prompt was to make a
layout without using any patterned papers and I was very surprised
to discover how difficult that can be.

I shopped my scrap drawers and had to keep putting the patterned
scraps back in the drawer after pulling them out and laying them
across the photos.

So here is my resulting page...

See you tomorrow!

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