Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 13 & 14

Time got away from me last night and I forgot to post my
LOAD layout to my blog so I am posting both yesterday's
and today's layouts ...

Here is Day 13...
I printed out the photos as 2x2 squares and didn't realize that my
readjusting of print info caused the order of the photos to change
but one of the small photos of the kids should be in the center of the
top row -I just noticed that it didn't print the way I had it planned.
This is photos of the twins in August 2006 when we had tall cotton
and many of our neighbors had none. It was a strange year. Almost
as strange as this one.

Now Day 14 is a hybrid layout...
I used this 'JennCk Spinky Dink Future Star Quick Page' by JennCk Designs
added a photo of The Buddy from August 2004 and printed it out on my
wide format printer. (Man is that printer getting used a lot this month!)
Then I added the title with letter stickers and hand wrote the journaling
under the bottom edge of the circle. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!
The journaling says "8/2004 My one and only favoritest Buddy in the
whole world! I 'golden hugs' love you! Love Mommy!"

Golden hugs are his way of saying he's giving you the best hug in the
world and it is more powerful than magic hugs -better protection from
nightmares, stronger healing powers, etc. Golden Hugs are a Buddy

Well, it's late so I'll see you tomorrow!

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Lydia said...

Great layous, love the great grid on the first one!