Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 8 & Day 9 - Why should the kids get all the

Dress-Up Fun? I love to dress up for Halloween. Nothing creepy, you
understand, but fun stuff. I have made several costumes over the years
and always dressed up when I was teaching. It's just plain fun.

Here is my Day 8 LOAD layout...
I cut around the bird at the bottom and along some of the glitter borders
to slide things in behind them. Then I just got carried away layering tags
and tickets in the space between the photos and the huge bingo card.

This was one of my favorite costumes. I even wore the wire and tinsel
crown from my first grade ballet costume! It worked perfectly!

This is today's (Day 9) layout ...
and it showcases just a couple more costumes. I thought of a 5th
costume that I need to track photos down of - I was Delenn of Babylon 5
in 1996. It was an awesome costume and I definitely will need to add it
to this page somehow. I love the way the Hambly Silver Web transparency
looks on top of the Making Memories glitter paper and the huge MM
Velvet spider makes the whole layout look even more creepy! I wish there
were more than just the one velvet spider in the package. I guess I just
need to buy another set...

There you have it! Two more days uploaded and completed on the
right days -just posted to the 'ol blog on the same day.

See you tomorrow!

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