Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 7 -Done & Re-done!

Well, I finished my layout for Wednesday October 7th and
uploaded it to the LOAD gallery and then decided I really
didn't like the letter stickers I used to spell out the title.

Here is what I uploaded...Can you see the messed up lettering? I can. It is supposed to be a bit
more sophisticated than it turned out. I mean, I spent the better part
of 2 hours coloring the Prima Paintable background with watercolors
and then using my water brush pen to 'blend' the colors. I don't think
a bad lettering choice should ruin it forever.
Here is what I will be adding to my Inspired 2009 Album...

I added larger (glittery) letters that are easier to read and a trio of
photo corners to ground the pictures and draw the eye across and
the green tapestry brad in the journal box. I really like this much
better than the original but I got my layout posted on time and that
is good enough for now.

Enjoy & See you tomorrow (or later today!LOL!)

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