Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 12, just a bit early tonight...

I have a confession to make...

but first, here is my LOAD for today...

it is a hybrid layout that I added letter stickers and pen journaling to
after printing it out. The photos are from 2006 and the layout itself
is a quick page from Verena Karolyi's Autumnal Taste digital design
set. I don't have a link back to her gorgeous designs (it wasn't in the
terms of use file) but I think you could Google her name and find
all sorts of beautiful things she has designed.

I did get frustrated with Photoshop CS3 while making this page because
it decided to get finicky and refuse to save my finished project. It does
that sometimes (especially if I open PS before I open iPhoto or if I leave
PS open too long) but it is extremely aggravating to know that I'll lose
everything I've worked on just because the silly program has a bug.
I was able to print the layout out before quitting so I just waited to
add the title and journaling. It just seemed easier at the time.

Sooo, here's my confession...
I feel like I am cheating on LOAD when I mess around with the computer
to make a page. I don't have to rummage through piles and stacks of stuff
to make a gorgeous page. I don't even have to design it. I just have to
figure out how to the get the photos into the little spaces, get the titles
and journaling onto the page (in an acceptable way) and save it to my
desktop to be uploaded to Flickr, printed out and uploaded to my blog.

It just seems like I'm taking too much of a short cut! All my stash is
giving me the evil eye and I know if I don't spend more time at least
pushing some paper and embellishments around in my studio
something untoward is going to happen... I can already hear the
cracks of a looming paper avalanche! (Hopefully that is all in my

Granted, I am learning a new skill but I think I really enjoy
playing with paper and glue the best. We will see. I also really
love the way my first couple of digiscrapped layouts have

Well, keep tuned in for tomorrow's post - I haven't decided
whether to scrap paper or digi.
'Til then - Enjoy!

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Tanja said...

HI I read your comment on Ali E's blog and I'm from germany and have the yellow ATG plus the adapter kit and some rols of golden tape. But somehow i can't manage to install the adapter properly, cause the tape won'T come off nicely and it isn't correct in the inside of the ATG. Hope you understand what I mean! Maybe you can help by explaining or tqaking a pic of the inside of your ATG!!! WOuld be really happy!!!